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AMRHy: Hybrid Protocol for a Reliable Multicast Transport in Active Networking Environments


Lakhdar Derdouri, Congduc Pham, Mohamed Benmohammed


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 66-78


The capacity gain of active networks has been extensively studied in the reliability of multicast. It has been shown that active networks improve the network reliability by reducing the number of packet retransmission between the source and receivers in lossy networks. However, the existing active reliable multicast protocols are based on the receiver-initiated class that attributes the responsibility of loss recovery to the receivers regardless the links in which the losses occur. This paper proposes a new active reliable multicast protocol where the responsibility of loss recovery is distributed between the source and the receivers by combining classes. The hybrid approach adopted by our protocol takes the advantages of each class, offering efficient mechanisms to solve the scalability problems such as acknowledgement implosion, repair load balancing, recovery isolation or exposure, and the drop to zero with limited capacity receivers. The numerical results show that combining classes significantly improves the throughput and limits the bandwidth needed by control messages. Interestingly, combining classes can outperform the receiver-initiated class depending on the network size and loss probability.


Communication protocol, active networks, reliable multicast, multicast IP