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The development of 3D Polygon serif style Kinetic typography for the Web


Sukwon Kim


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 178-183


This paper proposes the development of 3D polygon serif style Kinetic typography for the web with interaction. Kinetic typography on the Web is one of the current and decent information sharing technology. For creating effective 3D polygon serif style Kinetic typography, basic shape of serif style typography should be analyzed and created by shape, Bezier curve direction, and converting NURBS to Polygon. The analysis of basic serif style digital font is required that digital font has variable serif shape. The organic classification of Bezier curve direction and origin, and assembly is necessary. In addition to, less Polygon count number is required for Web3D. It is important to balance between proper object visualization and decreasing data. Comparing to Polygon count number and object shape, the proper data should be calculated. On the Web3D space, Kinetic factor is added with interaction.


Web3D, Polygon, Rational B-spline, RSVP(Rapid Serial Visual Presentation), Kinetic typography