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A Reliable and Secure Framework for Detection and Isolation of Malicious Nodes in MANET


S.Dhanalakshmi, M.Rajaram


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 184-190


For the protection of both routing and data forwarding operations, a network layer security solution has been provided as a solution for various security attacks in ad hoc networks. In this paper, to develop a security framework has been proposed. This security framework involves: Detection of malicious nodes by the destination node, isolation of malicious nodes by discarding the path and prevention data packets by using dispersion techniques. Our Reliable and Secure Framework (RSF) consists of a Reliable Multipath Routing (RMR) algorithm, which determines a set of node-disjoint reliable paths. The paths are arranged in the descending order of their reliability index. Data packets are dispersed and transmitted simultaneously through the reliable disjoint paths. The primary reliable path sends the information packet containing the transmission information. At the destination, if there is mismatch between the transmission information and the data packets received, a negative feedback is sent back to the source that includes the particulars of the affected paths. The affected paths are then removed from the list of node-disjoint paths by the source. The destination can recover the data effectively by attaining reliability, since the data packets are dispersed along multiple paths usaing an efficient dispersion algorithm. Our simulation results shows that, when compared with existing scheme, our framework reduces overhead and delay, at the same time increasing the packet delivery ratio.


Detection, Multipath, Reliable, Dispersion, Malicious