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Scenarios for Testing Reliable Transmission of Provisional Responses in SIP User Agent


Nasrin Hezareh Moghadam, Hamideh Sabaei, Mohammad Dindoost, Yazdan Nasr Harandi


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 247-252


In this paper, we present testing scenarios for reliable transmission of provisional responses in SIP user agent. Several test scenarios for different functionalities of SIP user agent have been presented by European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). However, no scenarios have been given for reliable transmission of provisional responses. Scenarios in this paper are got from the finite state machines designed in the paper for both SIP user agent server and user agent client. State machines are designed according to the behavior of SIP user agent client and server. These behaviors are observed from the functionalities and conditions adopted from accredited RFCs and standards of SIP protocol. A major characteristic of this set of scenarios is that it is optimum in terms of the number, since the designed state machines are minimal in terms of the states. Finally, these tests are executable in a real lab environment as are to be executed in Iran Telecommunication Research Center (ITRC)'s Next Generation Network (NGN) Pilot lab.


SIP, test, finite state machine, user agent client, user agent server