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Positive and Negative Association Rule Analysis in Health Care Database


E.Ramaraj, N.Venkatesan


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 325-330


This paper focuses a new algorithm called BitArrayNegativePos that mines both positive and negative rules from the real time surveyed medical database. Association rules are defined as implication of the form A? B where A and B are frequent itemsets in a transaction database. This new algorithm extends this definition to include association rules of forms A ? ^B, ^A ? B and ^A ? ^B, which indicate negative associations between itemsets is called negative rules. Negative rules are generated from infrequent itemsets. Rules of the form A? B are called positive rules Negative rules are very useful in association analysis although they are hidden and different from positive rules. BitArray?clat algorithm extracts only positive rules. BitArrayNegativePos algorithm is able to find all valid rules in a support-confidence framework Experimental results show the efficiency of our new algorithm.


Association rules, negative rules, BitArrayEclat, BitArrayNegativePos