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Inter-slice Reconstruction of MRI Image Using One Dimensional Signal Interpolation


C.G.Ravichandran, G.Ravindran


Vol. 8  No. 10  pp. 351-356


There are number of methods for creating high-quality till images from a low quality image sequences. These methods are formulated in the space domain and they require that the input be expressed in that format. Super-resolution, an open-ended research problem still hasn't made its place in Video Processing. It is still in its initial stage of research. In MRI reconstruction, based on super-resolution back-projection algorithm, the images obtained from sets of irregularly located frequency domain samples are combined into high resolution image. The super-resolution replaces usually applied direct averaging of low-resolution images. Even though the super-resolution based reconstruction produces very good results in terms of quality, the cost of such reconstruction process in terms of CPU time is very high. In this paper, one dimensional signal interpolation method has been implemented for inter-slice reconstruction of 2D MRI image. The result of the one dimensional signal interpolation method for inter-slice reconstruction of MRI image is highly comparable with the existing super resolution methods in terms of speed and quality.


MRI, CPU, reconstruction, super-resolution, back-projection, signal interpolation