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Low-End Embedded Linux Platform for Network Security Application ? Smurf Based Attack Detection


N. Ahmed, Z. I. A. Khalib, R.B. Ahmad, Suhizaz Sudin, Salina Asi, Yacine Laalaoui


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 1-7


Embedded systems are becoming a main solution to many specific tasks because of this high stability, minimal power consumption, portability and numerous useful. Nowadays, many new applications are developed using embedded system. This paper presents the possible usage, design and implementation on embedded Linux platform system for Intrusion Detection (Smurf Attack Detect). By applying these methods the embedded system is able to identify Smurf attack and analyze ICMP traffic. The software is executed on a Linux based Single Board Computer (SBC) which run TS-Linux 2.4.23 kernel. Results show that the Embedded Security Scan Detector (ESSD) unit managed to identify possible attack besides running on relatively low-end embedded platform. It is significant that network security product develop on embedded Linux has a very high market potential. Our test of the new systems shows satisfactory results for monitor and analyzes ICMP traffic and Smurf Attack detecting activity under such hardware limitations.


Embedded System, Computer Security, DDoS Attack and Smurf Attack