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Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks based on Machine Learning Algorithms


Alireza Osareh, Bita Shadgar


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 15-23


Network security technology has become crucial in protecting government and industry computing infrastructure. Modern intrusion detection applications face complex requirements; they need to be reliable, extensible, easy to manage, and have low maintenance cost. In recent years, machine learning-based intrusion detection systems have demonstrated high accuracy, good generalization to novel types of intrusion, and robust behavior in a changing environment. This work aims to compare efficiency of machine learning methods in intrusion detection system, including artificial neural networks and support vector machine, with the hope of providing reference for establishing intrusion detection system in future. Compared with other related works in machine learning-based intrusion detectors, we propose to calculate the mean value via sampling different ratios of normal data for each measurement, which lead us to reach a better accuracy rate for observation data in real world. We compare the accuracy, detection rate, false alarm rate for 4 attack types. The extensive experimental results on the KDD-cup intrusion detection benchmark dataset demonstrate that the proposed approach produces higher performance than KDD Winner, especially for U2R and U2L type attacks.


Intrusion detection, KDD-cup dataset, Neural networks, Support vector machines, Anomaly detection