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On-line Dynamic Buffer Allocation For VoD


M Dakshayini, A S Manjunath


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 88-95


Due to high buffer and bandwidth requirement and rate variability of compressed video, delivering video across the wide area networks is a challenging issue. Proxy servers have been used to reduce bandwidth requirement and improve client access time on the internet by caching the passing data. In this paper, we propose a unique VoD architecture and On-line dynamic buffer allocation algorithm for efficient buffer and bandwidth management. This scheme reduces the bandwidth requirement between the main multimedia sever and the Proxy servers. Also reduces the client waiting time by sharing the videos among the proxy servers of the Local proxy servers group, by allocating and then reallocating the buffer at Proxy sever (PS) dynamically based on the current frame size. The proposed scheme results in efficient usage of buffer and bandwidth for the videos, very low request rejection ratio. And also results in low client waiting time by balancing the load among the neighboring proxy servers and non neighboring proxy servers of LPSG. And reduction of load on the main multimedia server by storing more number of frequently used videos at PS. Our simulation results shows very high buffer and bandwidth utilization, acceptable waiting time for user requests in all conditions, load sharing among the proxy servers and between the main multimedia server and proxy server with tracker’s coordination.


VoD architecture, main multimedia server [MMS], Proxy server [PS], Local proxy server group [LPSG], buffer, client waiting time