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Security for Resource Selection in Grid Computing Based On Trust and Reputation Responsiveness


V.Vijayakumar, R.S.D.Wahida Banu


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 107-115


In providing the infrastructure for the accomplishment of general purpose computational grids the main concern is security. Still, by properly authenticating users and hosts and in the interactions between them, most grid implementations focus their safety concerns. The effective and competent exploitation of grid computing services needs sophisticated and secured resource management systems. The wide range of selection and the high degree of strangeness leads to the problem in secured selection of grid. Without the assurance of a higher degree of confidence relationship, efficient resource allocation and utilization can not be attained. In recent times, with larger applications in e-commerce and on-line communities, reputation mechanisms have become one of the most important techniques underpinning the distributed application and system safety. We have proposed a new approach in this paper, which intends to offer trust and reputation aware security for resource selection in grid computing. The Trust Factor (TF) value of each entity is determined from the self-protection capability and reputation weightage of that particular entity; moreover the jobs are preferably assigned to the entities with higher TF values. The proposed approach has been found to cope with the ascending number of user jobs and grid entities. The experimental results demonstrate that the determination of the grid entities intended towards the secured execution of the job by the proposed approach is efficient and satisfactory.


Grid Computing, Computational Grids, Security, Resource Management, Trust, Self-Protection Capability, Reputation