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Maintenance Decision Support System in Small and Medium Industries: An Approach to New Optimization Model


Zulkifli Tahir, Anton Satria Prabuwono, Burhanuddin Mohd. Aboobaider


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 155-162


Maintenance management is one of the main focuses in industrial sector. Many maintenance functions with varieties optimization models have been proposed to aid maintenance management. However, there are limited models have been implemented in small and medium industries (SMIs). The data problems and the gap between theory and practice have always become a reason. In this paper, a new maintenance optimization model has been used to carry out the computations for calculating frequency of failures and downtime as the maintenance data problems using decision making grid (DMG) with fuzzy logic in maintenance decision support system (DSS). Next, SMIs can use this system to support their maintenance decision process.


Small and medium industries, decision making grid, fuzzy logic, maintenance decision support system