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A Distributed Priority Based Routing Algorithm for Dynamic Traffic in Survivable WDM Networks


A.Rajkumar, N.S.Murthy Sharma


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 192-198


Dynamic routing of a restorable connection necessitates the presence of a pair of link-disjoint primary and backup lightpaths online once a connection request arrives at the network. Diverse traffic classes are processed by a large-scale optical network with dissimilar fault tolerance requirements. Several previous work recommend a preemptive multi-class routing scheme, without considering the varying loads of dynamic traffic. This paper proposes a new distributed priority based routing algorithm intended for a variety of traffic classes, which employs the concept of load balancing to establish the primary and backup lightpaths. The proposed algorithm calculates the cost metric on the basis of the load on the links. The dynamic traffic can be classified into high and low priority. The routing of high priority traffic is performed over the lightly loaded links, in such a manner that the links with lighter loads are chosen instead of links with heavier-loads whilst routing the primary and backup paths. In addition, the resources can be shared between the high priority traffic’s backup path and low priority traffic. Based on the simulation results, it has bee shown that the distributed priority based routing algorithm reduces the blocking probability and latency by means of increased throughput and channel utilization.


Multi-class Routing, Link Cost, Distributed, Priority, Load Balancing