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Folksonomy-Based Information Retrieval in Context-aware Environment


Sungrim Kim, Joonhee Kwon


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 252-257


The Web 2.0 approach has revolutionized the way we use the information system. An essential part of Web 2.0 is folksonomy. Most folksonomy-based systems do not consider new breed of context-aware retrieval. It requires the new convergence of folksonomy-based information retrieval and context-aware systems.We propose a folksonomy-based information retrieval in context-aware environment. We describe the procedure and some experiments are performed. The experiments show our method outperform other approaches. Our proposed method is an effective information retrieval method in folksonomy-based context information retrieval.


Folksonomy, Information Retrieval, Context, Web 2.0