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Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm for Collective Movement in Nanorobots


Khin Haymar Saw Hla, YoungSik Choi, Jong Sou Park


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 302-309


Recent advances in nano technology lead to nanorobots, which are effectively used as nanomedicine. Future medical nanotechnology has been imagined to employ nanorobots injected into the human body to perform treatment on a cellular level. Every nanorobot placed inside the human body will encounter immune system as obstacles during flowing within a human body. Thus nanorobot must use strategy for avoiding and escaping from such immune system. To avoid obstacles during movement trajectory, self organized trajectory planning is required. This study proposes to use particle swarm optimization, which is motivated from the simulation of social behavior of natural species, as a feasible approach for self organized control of nano scale robots to avoid obstacle throughout the movement trajectory. The simulation analysis has shown that self organized control over throughout the movement can be achieved by using proposed approach.


particle swarm optimization, coverage, nanorobots, nanomedicine, obstacles avoidance