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Support Vector Machine based, project simulation with focus on Security in software development


Preeti Mulay, Parag Kulkarni


Vol. 8  No. 11  pp. 393-400


Our proposed methodology introduces new concepts in the areas of security. This methodology also focuses on classification using SVM principles, and estimating complete details of SSDLC. This way the complete team will get to know in advance, before even project begins, complete simulation. As every phase of SSDLC is handling security aspects, software application developed will be more efficient and effective. This way of software development will reduce dependency on security team. Following proposed SSDLC model will empower software development team and increase their confidence levels; thereby decreasing stress and hence better timely output. Proposed chain structure of passphrase is another more suitable authentication technique as compared to one passphrase or use of password. Use of suggested “Hinglish” is also the best suitable practice to follow, at least in country like India. Other countries also may follow similar concept. Use of such combination of languages will be difficult for hacker to hack. Introduction of “Safe Cases” is one more positive way of looking at things. Developing “Safe Cases” will require expert to understand clients complete detail network, topology, systems etc. Based on this information and updated details about hacking, experts should develop cases to secure client’s application, data and network.


Security, SVM, SDLC, cluster, simulate, life cycle, software development