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Optical Character Recognition System Using BP Algorithm


Sang Sung Park, Won Gyo Jung, Young Geun Shin, Dong-Sik Jang


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 118-124


Most government agencies and companies have kept proof data and documentations which are passed certain period of time and exchanged electronic forms by the regulation of an office management. The method that saving relevant documents by scanning or entering manually on computer was used for document's digitalizing. So that the government agencies and companies are trying to reduce these inconvenience nowadays. They use OCR (OCR : Optical Character Recognition) technique which is that saving relevant documents to DB after extracting text by using OCR(Optical Character Recognition). However, there is inconvenience in general OCR. That is, text should be entered to DB after classifying segments one by one in realized whole document after doing character recognition through OCR. In this paper, in order to solve this problem, we constructed OCR system that saves abstracted characters to DB automatically after extracting only equivalent and necessary characters from a large amount of documents by using BP algorithm that is one of Artificial neural network.


ANN, BP, OCR, Digitalizing Documents, C#