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Knowledge-based System for the Analysis of Habitual Substance Disorder in Adolescents


Kong In-Yeup, Bae Jeong-Yee, Kim Young-Hoon, Hwang Won-Joo


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 234-239


The purpose of this study is to design the interactive diagnosis system for preventing and managing of habitual substance disorders in adolescents. Research process includes the requirement analysis, making of questionnaires, actual survey, and its analysis. Especially, this paper is about knowledge-based system to diagnose the factors of the habitual substance disorder. Our system is to diagnose and manage habitual substance disorder, especially addictions to drinking, smoking and drug. It collects answers for the questionnaires about adolescent’s environment, and analyzes the factor for adolescents to fall into temptation. Our system suggests the customized solution to conquer that for each adolescent. Moreover, our system also saves the history to manage the status of each teenager constantly and to make the survey and analysis information. With our system, young boys and girls can know their seriousness of alcoholism, nicotinism, and narcotism. And they can get all possible helps through our system.


Knowledge-based system, Knowledge base, Reasoning, Inference rule