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Easing of Fuzzy Multiplexing in Complex Robot Arbitration by FBSP Grouping


Harisha S K, Ramakanth P Kumar, M Krishna, S C Sharma


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 309-314


In Behavior-Based System (BBS), the control strategy is distributed among a set of specialized behaviors. Each behavior with particular intention runs completely independently to send commands to control the mobile robot. However, behavior with different intentions may generate conflicting command. Therefore, behavior coordination is an important issue. An intelligent behavior fusion is implemented to solve this problem. Each behavior has a certain degree of possible effects, with degree zero is the least desired action and degree one is the most desired action. The behaviors send certain degree as a possibility for each action set to achieve the objectives of the behaviors. The main controller then performs command fusion and selects the most favored action for the exploration. This will solve the action selection problem and improve the probability to succeed but when numbers of behavior crosses certain extent, fuzzy multiplexing or fuzzy fusion process leads to complex task. This existing technique of fuzzy multiplexing has been implemented by adapting FBSP (Fuzzy Based Sensor Perception) grouping. In this technique the number of behavior, which comes under same group, shares the common sensor by varying fuzzy range values. Experimental results are conducted for easy localization with low cost sensors and successful navigation using IR range sensors.


Behavior coordination, Behavior fusion, Multi agents, Fuzzy Based sensor perception (FBSP)