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Energy Efficient Reliable Multi-path Routing Using Network Coding for Sensor Network


Yuwang Yang, Chunshan Zhong, Yamin Sun, Jingyu Yang


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 329-338


With the advantage from network coding, the packets are encoded at source and intermediate nodes respectively, and the sink node obtains the data by decoding. Even if partial packets are lost, some nodes or links are failure, the original data can be recovered at the sink node. This paper presents an Energy Efficient Reliable Multi-path Routing Using Network Coding (NC-EERMR) routing protocol for sensor network. NC-EERMR employs hop-by-hop method to form multi-path, and each node only maintains the paths from local nodes to the next hop ones without establishment of end-to-end paths. During the next hop node election, the neighbor nodes are divided into groups, and the data is sent to the next hop node whose hop to sink node is fewer. Through theoretical and simulation results, NC-EERMR protocol reduces the required transmission path number and redundant data, ensures the reliability of transmission, and reduces node energy consumption.


network coding, multi-path Routing, reliable transmission, wireless sensor networks