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Abnormal Node Detection in Wireless Sensor Network by Pair Based Approach using IDS Secure Routing Methodology


Khandakar Rashed Ahmed, A.S.M Shihavuddin, Kabir Ahmed, Shirajum Munir, Anwar Asad


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 339-342


Mission critical wireless sensor networks require an efficient, lightweight and flexible intrusion detection methodology to identify abnormal node or malicious attackers. The proposed idea in this paper is to develop a new approach of abnormal node detection in wireless sensor network using IDS security routing methodology by dividing the network into number of pairs. Every node of each pair is responsible to identify abnormality of other node in that particular pair considering different attributes of nodes. The abnormal node detection algorithm uses both signatures and knowledge based routing methodology to achieve most accurate and reliable result.


Abnormal Node Detection, Wireless Sensor Network, IDS