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An Efficient Signature System Using Optimized RSA Algorithm


Rania Salah El-Sayed Moustafa Abd El-Aziem, Mohammad Ali Gomaa


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 343-348


Digital signature are used in message transmission to verify the identity of the sender and ensure that a message has not been modified after signing. RSA algorithm is extensively used in the popular implementations of Public Key Infrastructures. In this paper, we have develop a new algorithm for generating signature that overcomes the shortcomings of the RSA system (longer processing time & computational overheads ).In addition, the new algorithm achieve high security for digital signature. The performance of the two public key cryptosystem ( RSA and DSS) and the new algorithm has been implemented and compared. The results obtained show that signing and verification operations are faster in the case of using new algorithm than in the case of RSA and DSS . Also it can forbid any one from reaching the sender's message because with the new algorithm an intruder cannot pose the message sent since the sender’s private key is unknown for him. Accordingly, the sender can not be impersonated. On the receiver part, the message is verified by using sender’s public key and his private key to decrypt the message successfully.


Cryptography, RSA, DSS, PKC and DSA