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Perspective Statistical Analysis of Officers of Technical Education in India


Seema Shah, J.N. Mishra


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 355-360


The statistical analysis of the data collected on various responses from officers of technical Institutions (T1 & T2) has been analyzed to find out the perspective HRM and practices prevailing there. The analysis contains administrative, financial and academic aspects of the Institutions. It has been found that the T1 & T2 covered under the study need extensive use of ICT tools for strengthening and modernizing the laboratories and firm policies and programmes for vertical growth and retention of Human Resources in the Institutions. It also requires best practices for cooperation information sharing by all human resources alongwith appreciation of each others views for framing policy planning of H R Management. The technical Institutions should move for paperless office if not fully then atleast near fullness. The officers also expressed their financial autonomy, better perks and further conducive working atmosphere. The paper explicitly focuses critical aspects of development of T1 & T2 & parallely growth, enhancement of satisfaction level alongwith living conditions & related facilities for retention of human resource management in technical institutions. These conclusions when given in numbers may vary substantially due to nature of T1 & T2. Therefore we have reflected the requirement of officers in percentile form for better comparison of managerial aspects of any Institution.


Technical Education, Human Resource Management, Best Practices & Polices, Paperless Office