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Connectivity in a wireless sensor network


Tom?? M?cha, Peter Stan??k, V?t Novotn?


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 382-387


In this paper, the issue of full connection probability and network efficiency using a minimum number of nodes in wireless sensor networks is addressed. We investigate the network characteristics through a number of simulations in Matlab. Using various input parameters, we try to approximate four realistic scenarios: a football pitch, a forest, a building and a tunnel. We also examine the impact of different parameters on the full connection probability (sensors scattering model, path loss model, Tx / Rx powers and observer placement). Determining the order of all parameters with respect to the full connection probability is quite difficult, as some of them are dependent on each other. We found out that the environment itself, defined by its radio propagation properties, has the greatest impact on the full connection probability.


Sensor network, Path loss, Shadow fading, distribution