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Cost Based Power Aware Cross Layer Routing Protocol For Manet


Rekha Patil, A.Damodaram


Vol. 8  No. 12  pp. 388-393


Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks (MANETs) are wireless networks consisting of a collection of mobile nodes with no fixed infrastructure, where some intermediate nodes should participate in forwarding data packets. So energy conservation is a critical issue in ad hoc wireless networks for node and network life. This issue is crucial in the design of new routing protocols. To design such protocols, we have to look away from the traditional minimum hop routing schemes. In this paper, we propose a cost based power aware cross layer design to AODV. The discovery mechanism in this algorithm uses Battery Capacity of a node as a routing metric. This approach is based on intermediate nodes calculating cost based on Battery capacity .The intermediate node judges its ability to forward the RREQ packets or drop it. That is it integrates the routing decision of network layer with battery capacity estimation of MAC layer. Simulations are performed to study the performance of power aware cross layer AODV protocol using NS2. The simulation shows that the cross layer protocol improves packet delivery ratio & throughput and also nodes energy consumption is reduced by routing packets using energy optimal routes. In summary our design offers a simple but efficient power aware cross layer routing protocol to support routing in AdHoc networks.


Mobile AdHoc networks(MANETS) ,cross layer design, adhoc on demand distance vector , energy consumption