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Adaptive Threshold Based Channel Allocation Scheme for Multimedia Network


Ojesanmi O.A, Famutimi R.F


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 260-265


This paper presents an adaptive threshold channel allocation scheme for new and handoff calls in wireless multimedia network. We divide the channels of each cell into two parts; one for handoff call and the other for new call. To give handoff call higher priority over new calls, the handoff call is allowed to preempt the new call when it finds no channel available on its arrival. The interrupted new call goes to the buffer until channel is available at the new call reserve channels. The call in the buffer is served using ticket scheduling. The system is supported with an analytical model, and the numerical analysis to estimate the blocking probabilities of both new call and handoff call. The scheme is also simulated using extensive runs and the numerical results confirm the optimality of the scheme when queuing of new calls is allowed.


Multimedia network, handoff call, quality of service (QoS), new call, buffer, channel