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RLL-MAC: Reliable and Low Latency MAC for Event Critical Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks


V. Srikanth, I. Ramesh Babu


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 325-330


Wireless Sensor Networks are appealing to researchers due to their wide range of applications like target detection and tracking, surveillance and localization. Energy management is a critical issue to prolong the network lifetime in senor networks. Clustering is an effective technique to improve energy efficiency and network lifetime. In addition to energy efficiency, Latency and reliability are prime concerns in sensor networks. We propose a new protocol, RLL-MAC (Reliable and Low Latency Medium Access Control) for event critical applications that provides a reliability approach in election of cluster head and a dynamic wake up scheme to reduce the latency.


Wireless Sensor Network, Medium Access Control, Cluster head, Reliability, Low Latency