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Definition of flexible transfer line with rework paths and its simulator for optimal production design


Khalid R. Al-Momani, Jaber E.Abu Qudeiri


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 331-338


The buffer size decision for the flexible transfer line (FTL) gains more and more importance because of growing FTL complexity. The buffer size in front of the bay of machines in the FTL is still one of the major optimization problems faced by production engineers. In this paper, we attempt to find the near optimal design of buffer size for flexible transfer line with rework paths (FTL-RP) that achieves the best throughput of the FTL-RP. A genetic algorithm (GA) is presented to find buffer size of FTL-RP. For the performance evaluation of the FTL-RP, the well known aggregation technique is used to find the throughput of the FTL-RP at a given buffer size. In order to achieve the efficient use of the GA, we propose the multiple vectors distribution method (MVDM) for the genes arrangement. An application example was developed and after a number of operations based on GA, the sizes of all buffers for the FTL-RP could be found.


Flexible transfer line, buffer size, rework path, GA