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ML-IPSec+: An End to End Accelerated VPN for Satellite Links


H. Fereidooni, A. Parichehreh, H. Taheri, M. Mahramian, B. Eliasi


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 379-386


TCP protocol has been designed for E2E data transfer in congested networks. TCP performance degrades in satellite links because of the inherent delay. Accelerating methods are used to enhance TCP performance over satellite links??? by employing Performance Enhancement Proxies?? (PEPs). However, providing a secure connection through the PEPs seems to? be?? impossible. In this paper an appropriate method is proposed in order to provide an accelerated secure E2E connection. ML-IPSec+ improves available solutions of TCP performance enhancement over satellite links, while increases the E2E security level using the key exchange protocol.


Key Exchange, Encryption, TCP Acceleration, Authentication, Performance Enhancement Proxy