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The Exchange of the Electronic Validity of Data in the Electronic Commerce


Hassan Samavarchi, Mohammad Reza Dehghani


Vol. 9  No. 1  pp. 408-412


The increasing technology rate especially Information Technology has reduced the obstacles of commercial issues regarding time and place throughout the world. Having access to the internet has enabled people to do business, in other words, the electronic commerce and the electronic business have gained a prominent position in the developed countries. In the recent years, the developed countries have abandoned the traditional ways of the commerce based on the paper and the physical exchanges, and shifted toward the electronic commerce known as the commerce free of paper. The e-commerce has brought about saving time, expenses human resources, and enhanced the index of efficiency. In it, different methods of the exchange of data regarding the validity of information have been offered. This study has been intended to discuss the issue and its advantages.


the electronic commerce, the security of data,the time of process, the duration of process)