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Block-based Watermarking Using Random Position Key


Won-Jei Kim, Jong-Keuk Lee, Ji-Hong Kim, Ki-Ryong Kwon


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 83-87


In this paper, we propose an efficient watermarking scheme for H.264/SVC, where the watermarking is performed by using a block-based approach. The embedding process of watermark in the proposed scheme is performed in the encoder of H.264/SVC. The blocks for watermarking embedding are selected by considering both the length of the watermark signal and the size of the input video frame. The watermark signals are embedded into selected blocks by random position key. With the proposed scheme, the simulations are performed on some test video sequences. From the simulation results, it can be shown that the proposed watermarking scheme is robust against various attacks, such as video compression, common signal processing and geometrical processing. The proposed watermarking scheme also has a good visual quality without increasing the bit-rate.


Block-based watermarking, H.264/SVC, DRM