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Multi path Multi SPEED Contention Window Adapter


Wafa Ben Jaballah, Nabil Tabbane


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 113-118


In this paper, we are interested to enhance the QoS in sensor networks. First, we study the MMSPEED routing protocol (Multi path Multi SPEED) [1] conceived to ensure the quality of real-time services in sensor networks. We present, then, a second approach which takes advantage of the standard 802.11e EDCA protocol [16] that ensures effective end to end delay and good quality of traffic. Finally, we tried to improve the provision of quality of service in sensor networks by offering a new approach which aims to improve the mechanism of service differentiation implemented in the 802.11e.


Sensor Networks, QoS based routing protocols, MMSPEED, EDCA, Contention Window Adapter