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A Qualitative Comparison of Position-Based Routing Protocols for Ad-Hoc Networks


Liana Khamis Qabajeh, Laiha Mat Kiah, Mohammad Moustafa Qabajeh


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 131-140


Wireless Ad-Hoc networks are collection of nodes that can communicate without any fixed infrastructure. A crucial problem in Ad-Hoc networks is finding an efficient route between a source and a destination. The need for scalable and energy efficient protocols, along with the recent availability of small, inexpensive and low power positioning instruments justify introducing position based routing algorithms in mobile Ad-Hoc networks. This paper presents an overview and a qualitative comparison of the existing Ad-Hoc routing protocols that make forwarding decisions based on the geographical position of a packet's destination. We conclude our findings by investigating opportunities for future research.


position-based routing, location-aware routing, ad-hoc networks, wireless networks