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Analytical Distributed Software Performance Evaluation


Omid Bushehrian


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 149-154


Automatic software reverse engineering and reengineering techniques are most often applied to reconstruct the software architecture with respect to quality constraints, or non-functional requirements such as maintainability or reusability. However, there has been no effort to assess the architecture of existing distributed software from the performance viewpoint. All the architectural level performance engineering techniques are focused on the performance assessment at the early stages of the software development life cycle. However, the implemented software still may not meet its performance provisions and needs to be modified to improve the performance. In this paper, a novel software reengineering approach is presented that proposes some alterations to the deployment of the distributed software to improve its overall performance. This is achieved by modeling all aspects of the distributed execution by an analytical performance evaluation function that not only evaluates the current deployment of the software from the performance perspective but also can be applied to propose the near-optimal object deployment for that software.


Reverse Engineering, Reengineering, Performance Engineering, Software Deployment