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An Efficient Authentication Protocol Based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography for Mobile Networks


P.G.Rajeswari, K.Thilagavathi


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 176-185


Mobile Networks offer unrestricted mobility devoid of any underlying infrastructure. Typically, mobile networks are deployed in un-trusted environments. Such networks in this day and age have to keep privacy and security of data as a top concern, because eaves dropping peaks here. The root cause behind such eavesdropping is the un-authenticated access of base station on nodes. The eventual outcome is the menace of insecure environment, information misuse, and so on. Cryptosystem is an important technique to identify the authenticity in order to protect the confidential and sensitive data in mobile networks. This paper proposes a simple and efficient authentication protocol for the establishment of secure communication between base station and nodes in mobile networks. The protocol proposed, here, is new one for authentication scheme, having simplicity and efficacy. The protocol is designed by employing a most familiar public-key cryptographic scheme, elliptic curve cryptography and then it is dedicated to mobile networks for authentication of base station. Usage of this protocol in mobile networks will allow only the authorized base station to access the node and hence it will deny the information to eavesdroppers when they try to hack or misuse the node.


Mobile Networks, Authentication Protocol, Pubic-key cryptography, Elliptic curves Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC), Key pair