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Extraction of Significant Patterns from Heart Disease Warehouses for Heart Attack Prediction


Shantakumar B.Patil, Y.S.Kumaraswamy


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 228-235


The diagnosis of diseases is a significant and tedious task in medicine. The detection of heart disease from various factors or symptoms is a multi-layered issue which is not free from false presumptions often accompanied by unpredictable effects. Thus the effort to utilize knowledge and experience of numerous specialists and clinical screening data of patients collected in databases to facilitate the diagnosis process is considered a valuable option. The healthcare industry gathers enormous amounts of heart disease data that regrettably, are not “mined” to determine concealed information for effective decision making by healthcare practitioners. In this paper, we have proposed an efficient approach for the extraction of significant patterns from the heart disease warehouses for heart attack prediction. Initially, the data warehouse is preprocessed to make it appropriate for the mining process. After preprocessing, the heart disease warehouse is clustered using the K-means clustering algorithm, which will extract the data relevant to heart attack from the warehouse. Subsequently the frequent patterns are mined from the extracted data, relevant to heart disease, using the MAFIA algorithm. Then the significant weightage of the frequent patterns are calculated. Further, the patterns significant to heart attack prediction are chosen based on the calculated significant weightage. These significant patterns can be used in the development of heart attack prediction system.


Data Mining, Disease Diagnosis, Heart Disease, Pre-processing, Frequent Patterns, MAFIA (MAximal Frequent Itemset Algorithm), Clustering, K-Means, Significant Patterns