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Designing a Subliminal Channel for Deceiving Enhancement


Abdulameer K.Hussain


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 285-292


In view of the known function of the subliminal channel which is used to provide a high level authentication ,this paper presents a design of a new subliminal channel, based on a bit transformation with variable values , that ensures a better authentication level and maintain reliable degree of privacy . The method exhibits the advantages of using agreed policies and may be used as a method of deceiving opponents. Some of the secure parameters can be used that facilitate generating of authorized meaningful messages between two authenticated parties in spite of existing an enemy monitoring the message transmissions between the above parties. The idea of designing the subliminal channel presented in this paper is dependent on the prisoner’s problem. Finally, this paper proposed secret equations that can be used to select the authenticated meaningful messages in an effective way differ from the previous subliminal channel.


Cryptography, Authentication, Subliminal Channel , Digital Signature, Security