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Congestion Controlling for Streaming Media Through Buffer Management and Jitter Control


P.Bala Krishna Prasad, G.Murali, G.Gurukesava Das, K.Siva Krishna Rao


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 362-371


This paper deals with the introduction and designing of a buffer manager, which is a part of the quality manager of the client. The aim of designing buffer manager is to prevent the buffer from overflowing, under flowing, control the jitter and send the congestion indication signals to the server. When the play out buffer indicates buffer overflow, it is not possible for the decoder to decode all frames with in stipulated time, then some of the low quality frames will be dropped. To drop frames, an algorithm named as ‘Balanced Frame Drop’ is proposed in this paper.. The congestion indication mechanism at receiver has been discussed in this paper. If the number of packets loss is greater than the threshold value, then it is treated as another indication for congestion. Jitter can cause jerkiness in playback due to the failure of some samples to meet their presentation deadlines. The use of buffering effectively extends the presentation deadlines for all media samples and in most cases practically eliminates playback jerkiness due to delay jitter. The playback buffer reduces the number of packets that arrived with in their playback deadline. The extended presentation deadlines for the media samples allow retransmission to take place when packets are lost; it is possible through playback buffer and play out scheduler.


Frame drop, play out buffer, Jitter, buffer underflow, buffer overflow