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The Impact of Web 2.0 on Technology


James A. Sena


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 378-385


The current generation of web-based social networking applications and services is designed around an architecture of participation and communal collaboration. Web 2.0 authoring tools enable users to collaboratively create, share and recreate knowledge from multiple sources, leverage collective intelligence and organize action. These authoring tools and applications exploit and extend the building blocks of existing web-based business applications. This paper explores the Web 2.0 world encompassed by the wide range of Technology from a business perspective. The paper discusses our definition of business-related technology and then focuses on defining and exploring Web 2.0. Following this discussion we examine the new business-related technologies and opportunities that Web 2.0 offers above and beyond brick and mortar and extensions to the internet. We examine and discuss the approaches and extensions that are being deployed for technologies in the business environment.


Technology, Web 2.0, social networking, information systems