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Energy Efficient Communication Protocol for a Mobile Wireless Sensor Network System


Hiren Kumar Deva Sarma, Avijit Kar, Rajib Mall


Vol. 9  No. 2  pp. 386-394


Wireless Sensor Network Systems can be applied to monitor different environments ranging from military to civil applications. It has been observed that different protocols required for smooth functioning of the network system are highly application specific. Another important fact is that the communication protocols have significant role in achieving right performance of the network system. In this paper we consider a highly dynamic wireless sensor network system in which the sensor nodes are mobile as well as the base station is also mobile. We propose a hierarchical energy efficient communication protocol for such type of a wireless sensor network namely wireless Sensor system for Hierarchical Information gathering through Virtual triangular Areas (SHIVA). Our approach considers a cluster head set in place of a single cluster head for a cluster. We also follow a novel approach for clustering process. Simulation results show the energy analysis in the system.


Energy Efficient Routing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Base Station Mobility, Sensor Node Mobility