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A Context Aware Ontology Based Middleware Framework for Service Discovery


E.Christopher Siddarth


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 61-71


Persevering advances in the fields of wireless network and mobile computing have necessitated the advanced applications and services to incorporate context-awareness, a process that facilitates adaptation to changes in environment. Context-awareness is considered to be an imperative and beneficial feature in distributed mobile networks. Commonly, mobile devices have certain constraints such as processing, storage space and more. Context awareness is being brought into play so as to overcome these constraints. Context plays a vital role in the filtration of data and services transmitted to the devices thereby resulting in reduced processing cost. In this paper, we have designed a middleware framework, which is based on ontology and is intended towards improving the quality of service discovery. The proposed middleware framework for context-aware service discovery makes use of contextual ontologies in order to permit the serving of semantically enriched contextual requests for services, without restricting the predefined contextual types or values.


Context-aware computing, Mobility, Ontology, Service Registry, Service Discovery, Middleware, UDDI Registry