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Cost-effective 1x12 POF-Based Optical Splitters as an Alternative Optical Transmission Media for Multi-Purpose Application


Mohammad Syuhaimi Ab-Rahman, Hadi Guna, Mohd Hazwan Harun


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 72-78


Multimode fiber cables can conduct many light rays and can operate free of disruption and with a greater bandwidth than a wireless connection. However, due to a slight variation in the speed of the light rays through the multimode fiber, a signal transmitted by all of these rays becomes spread out. Consequently, the signals become broader and therefore fewer signals fit in the fiber, limiting the transmission capacity. Hence new ways of splitting methods must be found to satisfy all application demands. Home-made 1x12 optical splitter based on polymer optical fiber material base is one of the most innovative technologies on optical component which can be applied on some useful application. A perform technique has been used to fabricate kind of splitter. Multimode Step-Index Polymer Optical Fiber (SI-POF) type made of polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) with Øcore = 1 mm and NA: 0.50 fully utilized in this research, as PMMA is one of the most commonly used optical materials. This material has been chosen as a base of splitter body in a fused-taper-twisted shape, produced by a unique fabrication stages. PMMA-POF can easily be used near it operating temperature between -40ºC to +115ºC. By injecting 650nm wavelength of red LED, characterization process start plays an important role in investigating level of efficiency of the device. Some parameters, such as optical output power and power losses on the devices were observed. Although the maximum output power efficiency of the splitter is about 60% but it can be improved gradually through experience and practice.


Polymer Optical Fiber, Plastic Optical Fiber, POF, Home-networking, Optical splitter