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A Neuro-Genetic System Design for Monitoring Driver’s Fatigue


N.G.Narole, P.R.Bajaj


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 87-91


International statistics shows that a large number of road accidents are caused by driver fatigue. Therefore, a system that can detect oncoming driver fatigue and issue timely warning could help to prevent many accidents, and consequently save money and reduce personal suffering. In this proposed system security camera can be used that points directly towards the driver’s face and monitors the driver’s eyes & mouth in order to detect fatigue. If the fatigue is detected a warning signal is issued to alert the driver. The skin color based algorithm is used to detect the face of the driver. Once the face area is found, the eyes and mouth can be found by thresholding & segmentation process. The propose system uses neural network along with genetic algorithm for detecting the Driver’s Fatigue, named as Neuron-Genetic system.


Digital Image Processing, Neural network, Genetic Algorithm