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The simulation and emulation verification that was based on NS-2


Ju-Young Shin, Jong-Wook Jang, Jin-Man Kim


Vol. 9  No. 3  pp. 210-214


At the present time, several Network Simulators are in use. However, due to economical and experimental limitations, the fields of network and computer engineering mostly utilize NS-2.This is where the necessity of emulation whose operation environment is built on hardware comes in. The comparative analysis between emulation node which is realtime scheduler including Ping of NS-2 Tool’s external Host and the simulator of non-realtime scheduler of the existing simulation has been performed in this paper. The most significant difference is that emulation can interlock with the packet of external real network. The objectives of this article are as follows: the identical virtual network is constructed on NS-2, its performance is evaluated by simulation and emulation and emulation method is described.


NS-2, emulator, simulator, ping packet, live packet