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Optimizing the Performance of MANET with an Enhanced Antenna Positioning System


Jackline Alphonse, Mohamed Naufal M.Saad


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 50-54


The most important feature of Mobile Ad-hoc Networks is their dynamic behavior. Increasing the number of antennas on a mobile node can result in complex antenna movement. This gives rise to a decrease in the system gain, causes more delay, and further the network throughput may decrease especially when the network load becomes heavy. Since an antenna on a mobile node can result in complex antenna movement, in this paper, Enhanced Antenna Positioning System (EAPS) was used to improve the performance gain. Performance gains were compared between the results obtained when using Isotropic antenna and when using the EAPS through simulations in OPNET. Through these comparisons it can be concluded that using EAPS improves the performance of mobile nodes in the proposed environment. The simulations indicate negligible effects for speeds up to 5 m/s.


Mobile Ad Network, Enhanced Antenna Positioning System