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A Comprehensive Survey of Contemporary Researches in Watermarking for Copyright Protection of Digital Images


Manjunatha Prasad.R, Shivaprakash Koliwad


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 91-107


Nowadays, a chief problem encountered by content providers and owners is the protection of their material. They are apprehensive about copyright protection and further forms of exploitation of their digital content. The ease by which digital information can be duplicated and distributed has led to the need for effective copyright protection tools. Diverse techniques including watermarking have been introduced in effort to tackle these increasing concerns. Recently digital watermarking technology has emerged as an effective solution for protecting the digital content from unauthorized copying. A wide variety of watermarking techniques have been proposed by researchers for the copyright protection of digital images. An extensive review of the prevailing literature in watermarking of digital images for copyright protection is presented along with the classification. In addition, a concise introduction about digital watermarking is presented along with its properties, applications and techniques.


Digital images, Digital image watermarking, Copyright protection, Ownership, Spatial domain, Frequency domain, Robust, Fragile