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A Comparative Study on broadcasting video quality by Routing Protocols in IPTV Network


Mi-Jin Kim, Jong-Wook Jang


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 112-116


As multimedia contents rapidly spread and high-speed broadband IP network technologies develop, development of wire and wireless technologies, multimedia and image process technologies through IP network enables various types of service such as IPTV and VoIP. Individual service of communication companies and broadcasters coexist and evolve into a convergence service. Typical broadcast/communication convergence service, IPTV is the strongest application model in this service. As IPTV-like services increase, high-definition data processing through Internet protocol emerges as the main issue of the communication industries that should implement various Internet services. This paper provides network build-up methods for the effective IPTV services by implementing the standard routing protocol RIP used in small-sized area and the link state routing protocol OSPF used in large autonomic network, implementing the present network IPv4 and next generation internet protocol IPv6 in each routing protocol, measuring the PSNR of real-time broadcasting picture quality and measuring and evaluating the performance of IPv4 and IPv6 based on the values.


IPTV, Routing Protocol, Next-generation Internet Protocol, IPv6, IP Network, PSNR, RIP, OSPF