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Recognition of Human Face using Mandible-Ramus-Nasal Bone


K. Selvam, B. Poorna


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 199-202


This is an application design model of identifying, verifying and validating the face biometrics towards recognizing the relation of a shot, sequential time series data. This application is initially applied for controlled boundaries of face biometric like 10x10 or 15x15 pattern pixels or defined segments. The object considered for pattern recognition is face, and this face recognition is performed through the slope of nose and gonial-angle, though the face image is observed in any of their expressions or illuminations. The gonial angle may be greater than or lesser than 1250 and also it may be of any position. Further the relation between the mandible and corresponding ramus, it’s head are also considered as the factors of face recognition.


Gonial-Angle, Mandible, Ramus, Piriform-aperture, Zygomatic bone