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Intelligent and Standardized Parking Solution


Krishan Sabaragamu Koralalage, Noriaki Yoshiura


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 213-223


Due to the increasing number of vehicles and urbanizations, managing parking has become an issue. One main reason is that the current infrastructure facilities are not efficient enough to manage increasing demand. Although there are several systems to solve this issue, standardization and interoperability has not been achieved yet. Therefore everyone has to subscribe or use parking systems according to the service provider’s proprietary systems. On the other hand, providing prior information about idling parking lots and navigation towards the idling parking lot in controlled entrance parking blocks, and preventing illegal parking and automatically enforcing parking regulations in free entrance parking lots hasn’t also been achieved yet. In this paper we will introduce a novel RFID tag architecture and composition that can solves the most of the current parking issues while realizing potential benefits in intelligent transportation systems. The proposed solution allows real time, efficient, effective and hassle free parking systems, enables dynamic parking management, provides information and directions on idling lots, automate collecting of charges and prevents illegal parking in both free entrance and controlled entrance parking lots.


Intelligent Transportation System, RFID, Parking Management System