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An Analytical Approach of Faculty Members on the Frame work of Technical Education in India


Seema Shah, J.N. Mishra


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 307-314


The objective of the present work is to find out dynamic matrix of embryonic technological developments with its concurrent adoption by technical institutions in India. The education particularly the technical education is backbone of development of any country. Therefore, the study under reference has enormous importance & need to find out the critical matching parameters. The responses of faculty members, a sector shaping the future of the country through quality students output confined mainly around, course deliveries, examinations, participatory opportunities in policymaking and management planning, satisfaction level in both technical laboratories and technical personnel, manpower assessments, personality development of students, additional pre-requisites (perks), welfare schemes, contributions in placement of students in various employment sectors, quality production of research papers, status of electronic communication etc. for the two sample technical institutions called as T1 & T2 under study. The nature of T1 is a singular faculty whereas T2 is multi faculty. It has been observed that in most of the deliverables received from faculty members on the designed questionnaires threshold of T1 is higher than the T2. The obtained results are quite pertinent to most of the Indian Technical Institutions and to the Government of India to formulate proper policies for the implementation of observations in all such institutions of India.


Human Resource Management, satisfaction level, technical institutions, framework, faculty members