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Modeling and Implementation of The Railways Tracking and Control System Using Multiobjective Linear Programming


Taghrid Imam, Fatma Hassan


Vol. 9  No. 4  pp. 333-339


Railways Tracking and Control System (RTCS) combines real-time rescheduling, train control, and a new strategy for train operations into a coordinated Main Control Center (MCC) for traffic management. The objectives of the modeling are to assign the fleet of locomotives to a network of trains while satisfying a variety of trips constraints and minimizing the total economic cost. The implementation of the RTCS shall provide the input data about the railway subsystem (i.e. stations, locomotives, trains, trips...etc) that help in modeling the RTCS. The objectives of this paper are to present the building of RTCS project effort and to emphasis on the benefits of implementing this project as well as to present the use of Mixed Integer Programming MIP techniques for modeling such an RTCS. The modeling network is a weekly space-time network where arcs denote trains, nodes denote events (arrivals and departures of trains at terminals), and different locomotive types define different commodities.


Tracking and Control System, Integer programming, transportation problem, linear programming, decision making, system Modeling